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Aiko Tires of Ayumi by hhemken Aiko Tires of Ayumi by hhemken
Was it the hair? Was it the attitude? Was it that whole Manga thing?
DAZ Studio 4.9 with iRay, Copyright (C) 2016 Heinz Hemken, submitted 5 Oct 2016
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skindral Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016
Whoa that was vicious :O
hhemken Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016
skindral Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016
I agree with :iconaihanming: btw your girls are so pretty it's a shame when ever we don't get to see their faces!
Elwood-Edward-Howes Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016

Aiko Tires of Ayumi by hhemken


The Manet's Dead Toreador painting is a really wonderful pose.  Tough break for Ayumi that she got shot in the face and we had to see her with the head turned away.  Maybe next time when Aiko and she quarrel we can have a stabbing or something that will allow the pose to include Ayumi's face.

hhemken Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
May  be. I'm kind of getting motivated for some more chicks-with-guns stuff.
aihanming Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016
Very nice, but I personally wish we could have seen her face.
hhemken Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016
Hmm, you're not the first one. Thanks for the comment!
Elwood-Edward-Howes Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016

Aiko Tires of Ayumi by hhemken

This DAZ Studio illustration is confusing.  Ayumi is lying with her face away from the reader.  The initial impression was that the body is lying face down which is incorrect.  When the body is laying on its back the breasts would shift position and move outward to the sides of the body.  Lots of luck doing that in a 3D poser tool.


Ayumi's pose is unconvincing.  The one time a saw a dead woman was behind a pharmacy in Boyle Heights (part of Los Angeles) near where I lived.  A nice Latina in a pretty white party dress had been dumped behind the pharmacy.  There were no signs of blood or trauma.  The arms and legs were arrayed in an uncomfortable, awkward manner; the body strangely twisted.  Here, Ayumi is comfortably laying on the floor – perhaps a tough day at work but clearly not dead.


On a positive note, the lighting and composition are very nice.

hhemken Featured By Owner Edited Oct 6, 2016
She is wearing a bra, of course, so her breasts would not flatten out. Even if they did, her jacket would hide them. There are breast flattening morphs available, BTW, if that were needed. She was not dumped from a car, she was shot point blank and fell backwards onto the floor. I'm consciously referencing Manet's Dead Toreador.

Thanks for the observations!
Blades-123 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The posing is great, and again the lighting is superb.:)

Its a pity that some environment sets have textures that break down a bit when viewed close up, I've run in to this problem several times lately.
hhemken Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016
Thanks! Yeah, the older models have some pretty lo-res textures. I need to figure out a way to upgrade them. Some kind of deep-learning image enlarger maybe.
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